Spatial Energy, Intermap team on terrain model-as-a-service

NextMap service offers on-demand high resolution digital terrain models and cultural data.

Boulder, CO-based Spatial Energy has teamed with Intermap Technologies of Denver to offer on-demand spatial data to the energy and utilities verticals. Spatial is to provide access to Intermap’s NextMap high-resolution elevation data from its Spatial on Demand (SoD) portal—claimed to be the world’s largest energy-specific online database. The announcement was made at the 2010 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary. SoD is an application and data hosting service that provides access to corporate geospatial and other energy-specific datasets. Users can check availability of geodata for a particular area of interest and order it directly from their desktop.

NextMap datasets include cultural features, digital terrain models and orthorectified radar images. Intermap claims over 10 million square kilometers data worldwide and has ‘proactively’ remapped entire countries and built uniform national databases. According to Spatial Energy, ‘four of the five Fortune 100 oil and gas companies trust Spatial on Demand with their geospatial imagery assets.’ More from

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