Ephesia’s Impala statistics embed GoCad/Skua and JewelSuite

Paradigm and JOA sign with multi-point statistics vendor for ‘geologically realistic’ simulator.

Geneva, Switzerland-based Ephesia Consult has signed significant sales of its ‘Impala’ 3D multi-point statistics (MPS) package to Paradigm and JOA Oil & Gas. Paradigm is to commercialize Impala as a stand-alone product and the companies are to collaborate on integrating Impala into GoCad and Skua workflows. The 3D MPS add-on will be available in a future GoCad/Skua release.

Impala is a new, fully parallelized 3D MPI simulator that optimizes CPU performance and reduces RAM requirements. Results are claimed to be ‘geologically realistic,’ even when derived from structurally complex training images.

In a separate announcement, Ephesia has signed a similar deal with JOA for the development of an Impala-based 3D MPS simulator that will be offered as a plug-in for JOA’s ‘JewelSuite’ integrated reservoir modeling solution. More from www.ephesia-consult.com/Table/Impala.

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