Shell’s seismologists back PGS ‘gamechanger’

OptoSeis marine system adapted for ‘ultra-high’ channel count onshore use.

Shell is teaming with Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) on a ‘game changing’ fiber optic-based seismic acquisition system. Dirk Smit, VP, Exploration Technology at Shell explained, ‘Our technologists spotted the potential for applying PGS’ OptoSeis technology to onshore seismic. Given that most of this technology already exists, we expect to deploy the first system soon.’

Land-based OptoSeis promises an ‘ultra-high’ channel count, ‘far beyond what is currently available,’ high quality sensors and improved resolution. The system also targets permanent deployment for reservoir monitoring.

We quizzed Shell spokesperson Jaryl Strong as to how this development related to Shell’s previous announcement of a collaboration with HP on seismic sensors (Oil IT Journal March 2010). Strong replied, ‘These technologies are complementary and competitive in terms of function and effectiveness, but not necessarily contradictory. Shell is committed to having multiple options that can offer the best tailored strategy for each exploration site. Shell may use either technology or a combination of the two to obtain the greatest potential for success based on the needs of the specific application. Both technologies also represent complementary solutions for both testing and monitoring sites. Both are extremely effective, so it makes sense to develop complementary solutions with relative strengths based on individual project needs.’

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