OpenSpirit wins support from Siemens, Kadme and Petris

Siemens Energy, Kadme, ffA and Petris add tools to OpenSpirit interoperability bus.

If Microsoft’s MOGRA ‘reference architecture’ above so far lacks substance, the same cannot be said for OpenSpirit’s (OS) interoperability solution which organized a well attended Technical Symposium following the EAGE in Barcelona (report in next month’s Oil IT Journal) and announced a slew of new partners for the upstream interoperability ‘framework.’

A significant newcomer to upstream IT is Siemens Energy which is to use OS to extend its ‘XHQ’ operations intelligence platform to geoscience applications and data stores. Siemens also ‘supports’ MOGRA. Kadme is to extend its Whereoil Enterprise to include OpenSpirit-enabled data sources. Likewise Petris Technology has joined the OS business partner program to extend its PetrisWINDS Enterprise data management, interoperability and workflow solution. And Australian ISS Groupis to add OS-based interoperability to its ‘BabelFish’ solution for real time data streams. Finally Foster Findlay Associates (ffA) is adding OS connectivity to its SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro seismic image processing applications. More from

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