Microsoft ambush marketing at EAGE

Microsoft Upstream IT Reference Architecture backed by IHS, ISS, Halliburton, OpenSpirit et al.

The Microsoft Upstream IT Reference Architecture (a.k.a. Microsoft Oil and Gas Reference Architecture—MOGRA) juggernaut is shuddering into motion with a series of announcements made around the EAGE in Barcelona this month. We say ‘around’ because Microsoft was not officially ‘at’ the EAGE—but rather stalking the exhibition floor, rather as Oil IT Journal likes to do in fact.

As of this month, the following have sworn allegiance to MOGRA—Accenture, EMC, Energistics, IHS, Infosys, ISS Group, Halliburton, Logica, Merrick Systems, OpenSpirit, PointCross, VRcontext, WellPoint Systems and Wipro.

Conspicuously absent from this initial list is Schlumberger’s Information Solution unit, which has been backing Microsoft now for a few years and may be a bit peeved to see Halliburton getting a front row seat so easily. As to what it all means, as far as we can tell, MOGRA is more bluster and FUD at the moment. But we have Ali Ferling on record as saying, of the promised new oil and gas specific protocols under development, ‘We will publish what we come up with. You will be hearing more from us!’ We can’t wait! More from

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