Hagenes Data announces TheGlobe for Petrel

New 3D viewer overcomes geodetic limitations of Petrel/Ocean.

Hagenes Data AB, a software house ‘located deep in the Swedish forest’ has rolled out ‘TheGlobe,’ a Petrel plug-in that addresses some of the cartographic limitations associated with Schlumberger’s interpretation flagship.
Currently Petrel projects and data are restricted to a single projection which can be a problem when dealing with data of large areal extent. TheGlobe brings a new 3D viewer to Petrel which overcomes the geodetic limitations in Petrel and Ocean and improves on scalability, levels of detail, interactivity and multi threading. TheGlobe is based on the OpenInventor ‘Examiner Viewer.’ Target users for TheGlobe include managers of large scale projects, geomatics professionals and users annotating and presenting Petrel results. An application programming interface (API) is available to offer Ocean programmers ellipsoidal renderers and to add data objects to TheGlobe environment.

Hagenes Data CTO Odd Hagenes told Oil IT Journal, ‘TheGlobe does not leverage Google Earth or Bing Maps. We have made a new application running on top of the OpenInventor graphics library. This uses the same technology that is embedded in Petrel and gives the same look and feel as other Petrel applications. While Petrel remains limited to a single projection, we can put data from other CRS’s on TheGlobe and view the data with Petrel’s native viewers. We use the Ocean coordinate service (based on ESRI’s projection engine) so CRS definitions come from the Petrel catalog. We have added some new ones through WKT and EPSG codes for vertical and geocentric projection systems.’ More from www.hdab.se/TheGlobe.html.

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