Petris’ software bonanza

New upstream business intelligence, well lifecycle management tools. Zeh and DrillNET upgrades.

Petris Technology has released a veritable cornucopia of software enhancements to its PetrisWinds (PW) platform. PW Analytics is a business intelligence tool for energy company performance management and measurement. PWA combines the data integration capability of PetrisWinds Enterprise application adaptors with the WebFocus business intelligence toolset from Information Builders. CEO Jim Pritchett explained, ‘The lifeblood of a company is its business intelligence. PWA lets oil and gas company managers measure and manage performance by viewing trusted data combined from multiple sources into a single dashboard.’

PWA blends realtime technical and financial data into ‘rich’ interactive reports and online dashboards and transforms dispersed data into concise reports to identify patterns and trends.

Another new application is Petris’ Well Lifecycle Manager (WLM), and extension to the PetrisWinds Operations Management Suite. WLM provides access to a well’s entire history—from prognosis and construction through abandonment. Product manager Ed Castillo said, ‘WLM captures large amounts of data from rigsite and office, adds QA and provides knowledge-based decision support for well construction and operations.’ Managed data types include inventory, budget, drilling, operations and maintenance.

Other announcements this month from Petris concern product upgrades to ZEH Montage Professional 3.0, now available on Solaris and Linux. New features include PDF export, transparency, CGM Level 3 support and an enhanced GUI. The 1.7 release of PetrisWinds DrillNET adds new modules for torque and drag for liner cementing and hydraulics for high temperatures and high pressures environments. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, DrillNET is available in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. More from

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