Tibco Spotfire powers DrillingInfo portal

New release of business analytics tool brings predictive analytics to mainstream.

The 3.1 release of Tibco’s Spotfire business analytics platform claims to make predictive analytics a ‘mainstream feature’ of any business application. Users can perform ‘what-if’ scenarios on demand and find new insights in complex data sets. Ramona Hovey, senior VP products and services with oil patch data provider DrillingInfo Inc. said, ‘Spotfire continues to evolve, putting more power into the hands of our analytics team and allowing us to cut time to decision, while guiding users to strategic insights.’

‘We use Spotfire’s web-based analytics to build responsive, real-time business models for our internal and external user base.’ A new Statistics Services layer allows for the central deployment and execution of statistical scripts written in ‘R.’ R, originally developed at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, has become a flagship free software project and a de-facto standard for statisticians. Spotfire 3.1 also adds integration with SAP, Siebel and Oracle along with a new ‘mashup’ API. More on Spotfire from www.tibco.com and on R from www.oilit.com/links/1005_11.

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