IntelaTrac mobile workforce solution sees upgrade

System now has dedicated oil and gas module. Used in BP’s operations management system.

Invensys Operations Management of Plano, TX has upgraded its ‘IntelaTrac’ mobile workforce and decision support system, which received an enthusiastic endorsement from BP earlier this year. IntelaTrac 4.0 offers mobile workers access to information in Invensys’ Wonderware platform, allowing them to react to evolving plant conditions in real time.

At last year’s Microsoft Global Energy Forum, BP’s Danny Williams described IntellaTrac as a key component of BP’s drive to ‘operational excellence’ through the development and deployment of an operations management system (OMS)1. BP’s OMS, a ‘system of systems’ provides BP’s workforce with clear expectations as to what needs to be managed and how good is ‘good enough.’ The OMS supports performance metrics, risk mitigation and continuous improvement. BP’s OMS hinges on Microsoft’s SharePoint/PerformancePoint combo—a.k.a. MOSS. WonderWare/IntelaTrac plugs into this infrastructure and enables ‘intelligent workflows’ as opposed to traditional, pre-planned linear processes. field workers’ actions to

The new IntelaTrac release sees the addition of a dedicated oil and gas module with specialty calculations for tank volumes and pressure chart conversions along with data delivery to hydrocarbon accounting systems such as Tieto’s Energy Components. IntelaTrac 4.0 also enhances ‘operator-driven reliability’, ‘cost-effective regulatory compliance’ and is claimed to mitigate workforce turnover with mobile on-the-job learning capabilities.

BP’s IntelaTrac implementation was delivered by system integrator SAIC. Last year, Royal Dutch Shell’s downstream division deployed IntelaTrac as a component of its ‘ensure safe production’ (ESP) initiative (Oil IT Journal - Dec 2009). More from


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