Invensys hardens OPC with Triconex/Tofino firewall

Cyber security solution protects against process control system ‘accidents’ and attacks.

Invensys’ Operations Management unit has teamed with Byres Security Inc. and MTL Instruments to deliver a what is claimed as a ‘ground-breaking’ cyber security solution. The new Triconex/Tofino OPC firewall will harden industrial safety systems against network accidents and attacks. Invensys embeds OPC servers in its Triconex safety systems to enhance interoperability. To ensure security, Byres’ Modbus content inspection firewall has been added to the system. MTL Instruments build the new hardware.

Invensys portfolio architect Joe Scalia, said, ‘Processors are continuously threatened by new and increasingly dangerous cyber attacks which requires greater vigilance and security. The OPC firewall mitigates those risks, ensuring that an incursion will not compromise integrated communications between the safety and critical control systems and supervisory HMI or distributed control systems.’

The OPC firewall protects against malicious attacks and other threats to network operations, stopping attacks and traffic storms before they reach the safety and critical control system. It automatically mitigates risks related to previously published DCOM vulnerabilities, while providing packet management and rate limiting to prevent network traffic problems that could have an adverse effect on system stability.

OPC Foundation president Tom Burke added, ‘The next generation of the OPC Foundation interoperability specifications, the OPC Unified Architecture, incorporates similar cyber security protection. Invensys’ solution is an important milestone in demonstrating that users can expose OPC Classic solutions to other applications without worrying about cyber security.’ More from

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