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New ‘Netris’ offering from Sensile Technologies, Pedigree’s ‘Tag-n-Track’ and Airbiquity for Shell.

Swiss-based Sensile Technologies has embedded Telit’s GE865 quad-band GSM modem into a new ‘Netris’ product line of autonomous telemetry units. These can be installed on tanks or connected to existing meters to transmit tank levels over the cellular network to a central server. Customers monitor tank levels from a secure webpage or from their ERP systems to optimize inventory levels. Sensile Technologies currently monitors more than 25,000 tanks across Europe and has systems installed in Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. An operational life of up to 10 years is claimed for the new units. More from www.sensile.com.


Pedigree Technologies has announced ‘Tag-n-Track’ a hosted solution for tracking high-value assets for field service automation. Tag-n-Track is a turnkey, web-based solution that provides location updates for a company’s tracked assets. The application combines satellite tracking data with location and performance information from enterprise assets such as vehicles, stationary equipment and people to provide a unified view of operations.

Pedigree CEO Alex Warner said, ‘We developed this in response to our customers’ need to be able to find mobile equipment and assets in large, open spaces like farms and oil fields. Tag-n-Track shortens the search time from days to minutes.’ Tag-n-Track is the latest of the Pedigree’s OneView applications designed to address operational inefficiencies in plants and equipment-intensive industries.

Ian McPherson, VP marketing at Pedigree added, ‘This solution starts with basic location awareness and extends to condition-based monitoring for sense-and-respond maintenance, logistics and replenishment.’ The application also provides equipment performance monitoring, inventory levels and environmental condition data. More from www.locateandmonitor.com.


Shell has selected Airbiquity to act as integrator for the telematics element of its new ‘FuelSave’ solution for commercial transport fleet operators. FuelSave links customers’ Shell fuel cards, vehicle sensors and a central database and can save up to 10% on fuel. FuelSave also calculates fuel-related CO2 emissions on a per tonne-km basis. Airbiquity will manage key components of the telematics service including installation and wireless provisioning. More from www.oilit.com/links/1005_9.

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