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IBM and the changing oil and gas ‘risk landscape,’ Peloton SiteView, Iconics’ Energy Analytics.

IBM, Acclimatise and the Carbon Disclosure Project have produced a report on the challenges that climate change will bring. The report, ‘Building Business Resilience to Inevitable Climate Change’ finds that companies do not fully recognize the changing ‘risk landscape’ for oil and gas companies. Companies need to reassess their strategies and business models in the light of increasing temperatures, rainfall, rising sea levels and other climatic changes. Such ‘increasingly severe’ impacts create ‘new and enhanced risks for the oil and gas sector.’ Moreover the current reported value of proved reserves may not be taking into account the full impact of a changing climate. The authors have prepared a ‘Prepare-Adapt’ questionnaire to help oil and gas companies take the right steps towards building corporate resilience to inevitable climate change. More from www.oilit.com/links/1005_14.

Peloton has extended its SiteView well site management application to include emissions tracking and regulatory compliance. SiteView tracks drill site equipment along with operational run and down times. The program creates emission composition profiles and manages priority pollutants and greenhouse gasses. Data can be pushed to Excel or to specific reporting formats to satisfy State and Federal regulations. Loadout, venting and flaring events can also be recorded. More from www.peloton.com.

The new ‘Energy Analytics’ solution from Iconics leverages Microsoft’s Stream-Insight complex event processing (CEP) to assist companies’ energy conservation efforts by offering ‘actionable intelligence.’ Users can reduce energy consumption, aggregate and summarize energy usage by location, and forecast energy costs over time and reduce their carbon footprint. More from www.iconics.com.

RF Code has released a new version of its eponymous wireless environmental monitoring solution. New features include BIRT, an open source Eclipse-based reporting system to turn different types of environmental data into bar charts, scatter grams and pie charts, bookmarks for frequently accessed filters and and on demand graphing. More from www.rfcode.com.

Petrobras is registering its products and substances under the EU REACH regulations (REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, Restriction of Chemicals.) REACH aims to ensure a high level of protection to human health and to the environment. The first date on the registration timeline is December 1 2010.

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