FIATECH 2010, Austin

Engineering data conference hears from Woodside, OLF, Emerson, AspenTech, Fluor, CH2M Hill.

Fiatech is on a roll, new members in 2009 included ExxonMobil, Oracle/Primavera, Petronas and Siemens. Current projects of interest to the oil and gas vertical include project planning, a global valve e-catalog, automating equipment interchange, an RFID cookbook, operations and maintenance and the flagship ‘accelerating ISO 15926 deployment Phase II.’ The latter builds on the Camelot infrastructure and the ‘iRing’ interoperability demonstrator, now delivered into public domain and available for business use. A board of directors mandate says, ‘Make ISO 15926 operational in 2010.’ Looking ahead to 2015, Fiatech plans to ‘institutionalize’ ISO 15926 as a strategic initiative to ‘project Fiatech across the industry.’

Andrew Hall provided an update on a portal called ‘ALIS,’ Woodside’s Asset Lifecycle Information System for engineering data management for owner operators (Oil IT Journal November 2009). ALIS has been a four year journey for Woodside and a success for application software provider Aveva. Integration has been achieved via a ‘tag’ paradigm across P&ID, CMMS, DMS, GIS, models and training/certification. There are some 400,000 tags in the ALIS system. Woodside is to hand over its engineering characteristics library to POSC/Caeser as a contribution to the ISO 15926 reference data library.

Thore Langeland, integrated operations manager at the Norwegian OLF operators’ trade body explained the evolving role of the Norwegian E&P Information Management Association (EPIM). EPIM was established to manage common industry solutions such as LicenseWeb, AuthorityWeb and EnvironmentWeb. EPIM also manages the content and format of XML schemas used for drilling and production reporting. From July 2010, EPIM operate NorHub1, a repository for standard equipment information, a.k.a. ‘EqHub.’ The plan is for EqHub to ‘cover at least 80% of the standard equipment in use in the E&P sector. NorHub is building on ISO15926.’ OLF has also announced RFID guidelines2.

Emerson’ s Duane Toaves provided a working perspective of interoperability and ISO 15926. The data model (Part 2) is now complete, but the common terminology (Part 4), described as an ‘open source Wikipedia-like dictionary, is only about 15% complete. Other standards components, the templates (Part 7) and ‘Facades’ (Part 9) are up and running. Work on ISO 15926 began in 1993 and is now ‘moving towards industry-wide deployment’ with some 40 oil and gas projects. Emerson is ‘embracing’ the standard with a multi purpose tool to browse equipment schemas and a new data transformation server. This will map between Rosemount schemas for P/T transmitters and ISO 15926.

Another engineering contractor, CH2M Hill is using an ISO 15926-based schema to manage its catalogs as Renee Lmoureux explained. CH2M Hill leverages Bentley Exchange to read and write ISO-compliant schemas and ‘improve project execution and performance.’

AspenTech’s Andrew McBrien made a passionate argument for ISO 15926, recalling earlier standards work with CAPE Open. Here production-scale implementation revealed ‘ambiguity, errors and impracticalities’ that drove significant evolution of the standard which is now embedded in all mainstream process simulators. Another standard, the 1995 pdXi data model was orphaned by lack of take-up—but resurfaced in the ZYQAD Process Workbench (now Aspen Basic Engineering). AspenTech’s ISO15926 implementation revolves around XMpLant—described as an easy entry-point with a strong network-effect and a good platform to contribute enhancements to reference data. McBrien concluded saying ‘ISO 15926 delivers value today, bake it into your IT strategy!’

A presentation from Fluor on work process technology for mega capital-projects introduced IMpart, an engineering information management solution developed for Fluor by Coreworx. IMpart is also known as Coreworx Interface Management. More from



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