Tanks-a-Lot deploys Geoforce’s asset tracking

Offshore equipment renter uses intrinsically safe GPS devices to corral inventory.

Offshore equipment provider Tanks-A-Lot (TAL) has deployed Geoforce’s GPS tracking system to manage its global oilfield equipment inventory. Geoforce’s web-based software uses a blend of GPS, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other wireless technologies to automate field asset management. TAL president AJ Cannata said, ‘Geoforce’s system streamlines an otherwise cumbersome process and enables us to provide our customers with visibility and intelligence into their assets, which is very valuable to their operations.’

Geoforce’s intrinsically safe GPS devices transmit position data to secure data centers one to four times per day using satellite communication networks. Equipment current and historical location is shown on Google Maps along with offshore lease block information. Virtual boundaries can be set to generate e-mail alerts based on movements. TAL also uses the software to manage lifting compliance related tasks for each asset such as mandatory visual inspections, load testing, magnetic particle inspection, and more. More from geoforce.net.

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