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FMC Technologies, Oil & Gas RFID Group team. Access International’s ‘nano-positioning’ sensors.

FMC Technologies has teamed with the Oil and Gas RFID Solution Group (OGR) to develop RFID tags for use on hydraulic fracturing equipment. The companies plan to develop equipment and data standards that speed take-up of the technology. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is used to identify and track parts as they move from the well-site to the service center. The tags replace engraved serial numbers on metal bands that require reorientation of heavy objects and careful inspection of the band to identify the part. Adam Berg, Engineering Service Manager at FMC said, ‘The intent is to increase safety and efficiency, while also realizing cost savings for our customers.’ OGR members include BP and ExxonMobil. More from rfidsolutiongroup.com.

Dallas-based Axcess International has signed a contract for the provision of a wireless personnel identification and tracking system to the operator of a large oil platform in the Far East. The Dot MicroWireless’ tags are used to secure perimeters and to count worker ‘in/out’ status as mandated by regulations such as those from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. ‘Nano-positioning’ sensors transmit individual worker’s on-the-job status and issue an alarm in the event of a ‘man-down’ situation. An AxcessView application expands the access control system to full workforce management solutions. The deal is valued at around $100,000. More from axcessinc.com.

ERF Wireless is extending coverage of its wireless broadband network across the Haynesville shale area. Full cover across the Texas-Louisiana is expected by early fall 2010. More from erfwireless.com.

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