NAM has wireless enabled its onshore well test rig

Emerson’s Smart Wireless technology adopted after stringent field tests.

Shell-ExxonMobil joint venture Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has built a mobile well test operations unit for use across its onshore assets. NAM has selected Emerson’s Smart Wireless Technology, a self organizing wireless network, to enable faster set up and operations of its well test sites. Previously, NAM wired test equipment was cumbersome to set up and multiple cables made for a safety hazard and corrosion and cable breaks were frequent problems.

NAM Assistant Operation Supervisor André Lahuis said, ‘We carried out extensive testing before switching to wireless. We used special equipment to generate every possible type of inter-ference, but the wireless signal was not affected. Emerson’s encryption makes the system completely secure from outside interference.’

NAM now has three mobile test units equipped with Emerson’s wireless sensors for differential pressure and temperature. Lahuis added, ‘Now, when we get to a site, we put the sensors on the apparatus, install the gateway receiver, switch the system on and get on with other tasks. Within minutes, the sensors have registered with the receiver and are working correctly.’ NAM is now also using the Emerson wireless pH transmitter to test the acidity of the oil produced on test. More from

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