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Use of Intel’s Math Kernel Library has brought ‘up to’ a 50 fold speedup to model building in Paradigm’s Skua 2009. Tests with Intel’s X25E solid state disk show an additional 1.4x factor.

The 8.2 release of Fugro-Jason’s Geosciences Workbench now runs on ‘all current Windows operating environments’ as well as Linux. The release includes a ‘multi-attribute well interpolator’ for building low frequency geologic models from seismic attributes.

Geosoft’s 2010 release adds enhanced multidisciplinary workflows spanning geology, geophysics and geochemistry. The Geochemistry for ArcGIS extension includes 3D draping, colored histograms and probability plots. Data management is improved with ODBC, JPEG 2000 and GoCad voxet support.

P2 Energy Solutions is reassuring clients concerned by IBM’s disposal of its UniData solution to Rocket Software. P2ES warns—‘Don’t believe the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). UniData is deployed at 62,000 sites and 3 million users at corporations including Anheuser-Busch, Amex Hyatt. High performance, multi-value databases like UniData make up about 9% of the database market.’

Geovariances has announced Isatis 10.0 with parallel processing for sequential gaussian simulations, sequential indicator simulation, kriging and more. The new version boasts a 10 fold speedup over the previous release and connectivity with Roxar RMS.

Ingrain has announced CoreHD, a 3D high-definition computer tomographic scanner for ‘whole core’ analysis. The tool provides 1,500 cross-sections per meter of core or alternatively, mimics borehole image and density/atomic number logs.

Seismic Micro-Technology has released Kingdom EarthPak Advanced with improvements to reserves and economic evaluation, volumetrics and Monte Carlo simulation for probabilistic reserve evaluation.

V 2.0 of EnergyIQ introduces a direct read from IHS’ EnerdeqML web services domestic data feed to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store. Target clients include ArcGIS, Kingdom, OpenWorks, Petra, GeoFrame, Finder and Recall.

Austin Geomodeling’s 4.0 release of its Recon flagship includes version and scenario management for risk assessment, Windows and Linux 32/64 bit support and integration with OpenSpirit, Landmark R5000, a Petrel Plug-in, and new data mining functionality.

Kappa Engineering has developed a set of training videos for users of its well test software—more from

Badley GeoScience has announced a TrapTester to Petrel direct link and a 64 bit build for Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 and up.

Weatherford has announced Field Office 2010, an integrated suite of production optimization software for artificial lift, flowing wells, and production assets.

Venture Information Management has tuned its V-KIT data profiling application to help customers with migration to Landmark’s R5000 release.

Enigma’s SmartMove 2.4.2 sees a new command line interface, SNMP traps and support for network monitoring.

JewelSuite has announced an ‘AESubs’ plug-in to evaluate geomechanical consequences of production such as subsidence and induced subsurface strain.

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