IHS Enerdeq API for international data

Software development kit gives third party developers access to former Petroconsultants’ data.

IHS has announced a software development kit (SDK) for its international E&P data. The new Enerdeq SDK allows programmers to develop web services that access IHS’s international well, field, contract and production information from third party interpretation environments.

IHS VP global product management Richard Herrmann said, ‘Industry has been looking for a solution that enables disparate systems and applications to exchange data and achieve interoperability. Web services allowing data to be integrated directly into an application, freeing users from the repetitive and laborious aspects of data management.’

One satisfied user is PetroWeb MD Gina Godfrey who added, ‘The Enerdeq SDK has enabled us to integrate IHS’ international E&P database into our Gateway product, adding direct online access to international data.’ The system is set to replace end users’ ‘labor-intensive’ processes for re-populating spreadsheets, updating projects or refreshing a corporate well data repository. More from ihs.com/energy.

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