BP’s ‘flagship’ technologies highlighted in Annual Review

Field of Future, high end seismic and supercomputing to add billions of barrels to reserves.

BP has divvied up its R&D push into ten technology ‘flagships,’ each ‘with the potential to deliver over one billion barrels of reserves.’ These include ‘inherently reliable facilities,’ whereby monitoring is used to anticipate equipment failure and increase operating efficiency, and the trademarked ‘Field of the Future’ digital oilfield program that is to deliver 100,000 boed through real time reservoir, well and topside management.

The flagships featured in BP’s 2009 Annual Review, published this month, where they were highlighted as ‘key to increasing recovery from our resource base and to operating safely and efficiently.’ The flagships also provide BP with a competitive advantage when bidding for new licenses.

Seismic technology figures prominently among BP’s flagships with wide azimuth towed streamer and ‘proprietary’ independent simultaneous sweep (ISS) acquisition.

Last year, BP’s high-performance super-computing centre deployed 3 petabytes of disk. But as Doug Suttles revealed at the SPE Intelligent Energy event in Utrecht, NL this month (a full report in next month’s Journal) this has since been doubled to 6 petabytes—along with a CPU count of 27,000. More from bp.com.

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