Merrick launches hosted production data solution

Production data management ‘Software as a Service’ formalized with new team and data center.

Merrick Systems has launched a hosted ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) version of its oil and gas production data management solution. Users can now access Merrick’s Field, Operations or Enterprise solutions served from a secure data center. Merrick’s packages include field data capture for volumes, inspection and maintenance, production operations, hydrocarbon accounting, regulatory filings and web-based management reporting.

Merrick VP Clara Fuge said, ‘We have been supporting clients without the necessary IT resources with hosting services for several years. Responding to a growing demand, we recently expanded our infrastructure and assembled an experienced team to run our data center and hosted software. The repackaged services are backed by our support and consulting team that has 15 years of experience implementing, training and integrating our software with our clients businesses.’

Along with the software and infrastructure provision, Merrick’s staff helps out with routine tasks such as adding new users, resetting passwords, ensuring weekend connectivity support and monitoring response time. Merrick’s Co-Founder and CFO Samina Farid added, ‘The hosted solution yields significant improvement to clients’ bottom lines and extends the reach of our technology to a greater segment of the oil and gas market.’ More from

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