Skymira ‘Remote Information System’ for J. Irwin Co.

Solution targets automated field tickets, replacing paper-based forms.

Satellite and cellular technology solution provider Skymira is implementing a ‘comprehensive’ remote information system (RIS) for natural gas construction services contractor J. Irwin Company. Phase I of the RIS includes automated field tickets to replace paper-based forms.

Angela Schultz, CEO, J. Irwin Company said, ‘Our paper forms were cumbersome and error-prone. Initial installations are already showing improvements and a measurable reduction in errors. We’re looking ahead to the next phases of implementation, including time reporting and real-time inventory management.’

Skymira CEO Robert Landsfield added, ‘Implementing an RIS, rather than installing separate component applications, enables J. Irwin Company to refine its business processes and reduce costs, adding new applications that integrate with existing infrastructure and processes.’

Following the initial deployment, Skymira will develop additional applications including time reporting integration with the main office, field equipment tracking, real-time inventory management and engine diagnostics. More from

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