EDSA Paladin Gateway gets SDK

Toolkit allows electrical power analytics to be incorporated in third party software.

San Diego, CA-based EDSA has released a software development kit (SDK), Paladin Gateway, for its Paladin Live electrical power analytics and monitoring solution. EDSA’s tools help facility owners understand how interruptions to the power supply affect production and refining, optimize power system design and reengineer their infrastructure. The Gateway SDK accepts input from SCADA and other data acquisition platforms and provides third party application developers with a power analytics toolkit.

EDSA CTO Kevin Meagher explained, ‘The benefit of power analytics lies in Paladin Live’s ability to diagnose power problems and inefficiencies at the earliest possible stage, isolating them at the detailed component level. This means communicating in real-time with hundreds or thousands of data-generating devices located throughout mission-critical infrastructure.’

Paladin unlocks data trapped in isolated, proprietary architectures and heralds a new ‘open’ systems architecture where data from multiple vendors’ solutions can be aggregated and delivered as an organization-wide power analytics solution. EDSA customers include ABB Offshore, Aker Kvaerner, BP, CNPC, CNOOC, ExxonMobil, Petronas and Shell. More from edsa.com.

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