GDF Suez’ ‘Actarus’ webMethods-based business intelligence

Logica develops business intelligence solution for EU utility at Software AG ‘Factory’ in Bordeaux, France.

GDF Suez has rolled out Actarus, a business intelligence solution for its accountants and managers. Actarus provides accountants and managers with real-time sales information. As the EU gas market was opened to competition, GDF Suez’ accounting services needed more detailed information of upstream transactions enacted by an expanding supplier base. GDF elected to model its business with a combined business process management (BPM) and composite application framework (CAF) approach.

Actarus was developed by IT services provider Logica using Software AG’s webMethods BPM Suite. The solution takes advantage of GDF’s existing technology investments and integrates several key technologies, including a portal, EAI server, process engine, and task engine, all within a service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework.

Work on Actarus commenced in 2000 using webMethods and Logica’s project delivery capabilities for SOA and BPM. Software AG chief product officer Peter Kuerpick said, ‘Logica has built a SOA-based solution that can be leveraged to support additional integration and composite application development and that will deliver continued economic value for GDF Suez.’ Last year, Logica opened the ‘Software AG Factory’ in Bordeaux, France, to provide a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for services and capabilities around webMethods products. More from

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