Kongsberg rolls out SIM Reservoir

‘Next generation’ 3D reservoir simulation data analysis engine makes first sale.

Norway-based Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has announced SIM Reservoir, a ‘next generation’ reservoir simulation post processor. SIM Reservoir uses 3D graphics to give engineers a better understanding of reservoir dynamics. The immersive 3D display is achieved without the need for special glasses and is claimed to provide a ‘realistic’ image of the subsurface.

SIM Reservoir addresses well path optimization with fast comparison of simulation runs, history matching and ‘smart’ cell filtering to identify new well locations.

SIM Reservoir displays streamlines, vector fields, time lapse animation and ‘intelligent’ property mapping to reveal ‘hidden’ simulation features that improve reservoir understanding.

At the Subsea UK tradeshow in Aberdeen last month, Kongsberg announced its first SIM Reservoir sale, a substantial 14 license deal with ‘one of the largest National Oil Companies in the Middle East, placed in December 2009. Sales manager Mark Baldwin said that the £2 million investment in 3D visualization represented a strategic milestone for Kongsberg. More from kongsberg.com/kogt.

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