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Exemys’ GTS device offers remote diagnostics and alarms via SMS (text messaging). The system accepts analog and digital inputs from a wide range of devices.

CartoPac has released V 3.0 of its eponymous field data collection solution. The new release improves mobile access to a diverse set of databases and a web-based server option. A ‘Studio’ module lets users design custom data collection solutions.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit now includes a THUM adapter and wireless position monitors to facilitate the incorporation of wired HART instruments into a wireless infrastructure.

EnergySys has announced a new production reporting application, a hosted service designed to ‘make production reporting accessible and affordable for all sizes of oil and gas operations.’ The service includes standardized reports by well, field and producer. The application includes processes for data import, validation and reconciliation. A workflow scheduler automates complex sequences of events.

The 4.1 release of Fugro-Jason’s EarthModel sees its integration with the Geoscience Workbench. The new release adds stochastic modeling and upscaling and streamlines the link between petrophysics, seismics and the reservoir simulator. The modeling technology originated in Volumetrix’ ‘FastTracker’ tool, acquired by Fugro in 2003.

Ikon Science has announced a new RokDoc-Well Tie package, available either as a stand-alone solution, a RokDoc module, or a Petrel plug-in. The workflow-driven tool shows the effects on the tie from changes such as wavelet estimation and stretch/squeeze log editing.

Iridium and SkyBitz have teamed on a global, bi-directional remote asset tracking and monitoring solution, combining SkyBitz’ Global Locating System Iridium’s new 9602 satellite data transceiver. The solution targets oil, gas and chemicals with ‘intelligent’ sensor solutions.

DMNG has released SeiSee, a free SEG-Y viewer, filtering and header data manipulation solution. The software received enthusiastic endorsement from openDTect users. More from links_1003_7.

P2 Energy Solutions has extended functionality of Qbyte PRISM. V9.6 of the Canadian production revenue accounting software adds step-by-step processes for capturing facility charges along with ‘robust’ analytical tools and more accurate representation of facility flows.

Schlumberger’s PetroMod unit has announced a data exchange plug-in providing Petrel users with access to basin and petroleum systems modeling data.

A new version of Quorum’s Geospatial Information System enhances land department operations with a tract interest summary by depth severance, new map properties and tools to increase quality and performance through map caching and enhanced map and layer security.

Data Matters is developing an Apple iPhone application to provide ‘anytime, anyplace’ access to the PPDM data model.

Another iPhone developer is RedTree/Virtual Materials Group whose ‘Alph’ thermodynamic and physical process calculator has been ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch. A cut-down freeware version is available.

SGI has launched Cyclone, a data center in the cloud service offering access to an HPC infrastructure of Altix and hybrid clusters including either Nvidia Tesla or AMD FireSTream GPU-based accelerators. The solution is available in both hosted and in-house ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ modes.

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