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Halliburton’s WellDynamics unit has rolled-out ‘SmartWell Master,’ a supervisory application for the control and monitoring of SmartWell downhole equipment including permanent monitoring systems. SmartWell Master is based on Iconics’ Genesis32 web-enabled Human Machine Interface/SCADA software.

IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas has been updated with asset integrity management and integrated operations. The 7.1.1 release now integrates with the IBM Chemicals and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework.

New Century Software and LandWorks are to combine their software solutions providing a direct connection between pipeline right-of-way records, pipeline engineering and operations data.

Arm waving business process modelers should check out Future Strategies’ new ‘hands-on’ modeling templates. The printable shapes of BPMN modeling elements are said to be useful for group discussions and early planning sessions. More from

Emerson Process Management has announced a wireless video solution that integrates video streams from Industrial Video & Control’s relay server with the its DeltaV digital automation system. IVC’s enterprise-class camera management software and rugged IP cameras are certified for hazardous area operations.

V 10.0 of Pitney Bowes’ Encom PA ‘overflows’ with new features such as enhanced profile-spreadsheet linkage,

Data management and 3D visualization.

Foster Findlay Associates (ffA) has announced a synchronized release of its SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro 2010 applications on Windows and Linux. The Linux release now leverages NVIDIA/CUDA based seismic attribute computation and is compatibile with Halliburton’s GeoProbe R5000 release.

IHS and SeisWare have developed a dynamic data link between Petra and SeisWare. The tools can now share well data, tops, grids, log curves and deviation surveys.

IDS has announced a new web-delivered drill site management tool, ‘SiteNet.’ SiteNet tracks a well site from permitting and initial survey to recovery and remediation. SiteNet tracks costs, connects locations to events and equipment, captures site surveys and approvals and logs communications and transactions. SiteNet integrates with IDS’s DataNet2 suite of web-based reporting tools.

FaultSeal has released FaultRisk Enterprise for in-house fault seal analysis. Users’ FaultRisk GUI connects over the network to a FaultRisk compute engine server in the data center.

The latest release (V7.0) of Heliosoft’s Seismaster Pro adds a stand-alone 2D/3D SEG-Y viewer, noise suppression using a ‘KL’ transform, attribute generation and principal component analysis.

MetaCarta has released its Geotagger geolocation based search engine on Red Hat Linux as a stand-alone product. The move unbundles MetaCarta’s technology from current appliance offering and ‘opens up new markets for the company with solution providers.’

Ikon Science has upgraded its RokDoc-ChronoSeis 4D modeling package with, inter alia, a reservoir simulator link and a model validator that checks the model for consistency, alerting users to missing logs, surfaces and attributes.

Emerson Process Management’s (EPM) Roxar unit has announced RMS 2010, a new release of its reservoir modeling system. New features include a well correlation system, enhanced structural modeling and a 3D gridder. Curiously the new release does not appear to leverage or integrate with EPM technology per se.

The 2009.1 release of Paradigm’s Sysdrill includes localization for Chinese and Russian speakers and integration with Paradigm’s Epos 4 data infrastructure.

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