Senergy’s WellScope tames CFD for drillers

Computational fluid dynamic modeling set to ‘transform’ well inflow analysis.

Aberdeen-based Senergy has announced ‘WellScope,’ a wellbore planning and design tool that leverages computational fluid dynamics (CFD). CFD is a widely used technique that models fluid flow in and around components such as airplane wings, automobiles, drilling bits and now, producing wells.

WellScope produces 3D models of horizontal, deviated or vertical wells to evaluate inflow performance across different damage conditions and completion scenarios. According to Senergy, WellScope models, which may comprise up to 10 million cells, provide ‘accurate predictions’ of future well performance. Developer Michael Byrne, an SPE distinguished lecturer said, ‘Predicting well performance prior to drilling is one of the greatest challenges faced by the industry. Previous analytical solutions required simplification of reservoir layers, completion geometry and formation damage. This lack of in-depth modeling led to over simplification of the impact of formation damage and poor inflow prediction. Wellscope provides a more scientific approach and allows for informed decision making.’

Wellscope models include fluid flow physics and chemistry and can be updated from an interactive GUI. According to Senergy, the CFD approach is ‘set to transform the industry’s approach to inflow performance management.’ More from

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