Electronic inspection and safety compliance management

MSA embeds N4 Systems’ Field ID in new ‘Evotech’ full body anti-fall protection.

Ontario-based N4 Systems has signed with safety equipment manufacturer MSA (originally Mine Safety Appliances) of Pittsburgh, to offer inventory tracking and safety-compliance documentation to fall protection equipment users. MSA is integrating N4 Systems’ Field ID system into its new ‘EvoTech’ full body harness. Field ID’s RFID will be embedded into the harness’ label pack, allowing administrators to track usage, inspection and distribution of harnesses as they transition from jobs and users.

MSA’s Robert Apel said, ‘Electronic logging of equipment inspection data is the future of safety compliance management. Field ID gives our customers new options and greater flexibility. Field ID is among the most advanced and easy-to-use safety management systems on the market today.’

N4 Systems CEO Somen Mondal added, ‘Field ID goes beyond traditional inspection systems—allowing interaction between all components of the safety ecosystem. The Field ID Safety Network lets all stakeholders share safety data and simplifies the compliance process.’

MSA sells approximately $1 billion of safety-related goods and services into many verticals including oil, gas and petrochemicals. More from msanet.com and fieldid.com.

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