GeoNorth moves to Heroku/Amazon EC ‘cloud’

Alaskan GIS specialist trials geo data delivery across several ‘Cloud’ services.

Alaska-based geospatial solutions provider GeoNorth is leveraging new virtualized hosting technology a.k.a. ‘the cloud.’ Virtualization means that neither GeoNorth nor its clients need physical hardware to purchase or maintain, speeding startup and reducing costs. Resources can be tuned for a given workload and augmented on-demand at minimal cost. GeoNorth has trialed several major cloud providers including Heroku, Gogrid, Rackspace and Amazon.

One high-profile client recently migrated to the Heroku cloud (an Amazon Elastic Computing reseller). Heroku offers a complete Ruby on Rails application stack. GeoNorth reports the new site is ‘much more responsive and easy-to-maintain’ on the Heroku cloud. Cloud-based development means less time wasted on IT niceties and more focus on building the business solution. Moreover, Cloud hosting leverages ‘high-availability’ state of the art clusters backed up with best practices and redundant physical machines. More from

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