Leica Geosystems improves point cloud data processing

Laser and Lidar data capture enhanced in deals with MicroSurvey and INOVx.

Leica Geosystems has boosted its laser scanning offering in deals with software providers MicroSurvey and INOVx. 3D laser scanning is used to ‘capture’ and digitize real-world environments such as offshore production facilities, refineries and geological outcrops. The captured ‘point cloud’ data is then processed for incorporation in CAD/CAM and other interpretation and design tools.

Leica is to resell MicroSurvey’s ‘PointCloud’ CAD mapping package. PointCloud was developed using Leica’s point cloud engine (pcE) technology to manage large laser scan data sets from scanners or aerial Lidar.

The other deal announces a joint development initiative with INOVx to convert laser scan data into ‘intelligent’ plant models. The new products will be leverage Leica’ Cyclone software and INOVx’ RealityLINx package. More from leica-geosystems.com/hds.

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