SmartSignal Shield provides predictive diagnostics for oil and gas

System mines ‘hundreds of millions’ of machine hours of ‘blind’ customer data, anticipates failure.

SmartSignal has announced ‘Shield,’ a predictive-diagnostic package for the oil, gas and power verticals. SmartSignal Shield uses shared ‘blind’ data from customers—comprising what is claimed to be ‘the world’s largest base of predictive-diagnostic intelligence.’ SmartSignal has analyzed data from hundreds of millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of failures to correlate fault patterns with operating behavior. This database forms the intelligence of Shield.

Jim Gagnard, SmartSignal CEO, said, ‘Shield delivers predictive diagnostics while our competitors just talk about it. Only SmartSignal has the historical data to make this possible. We’re glad to take this major step forward and provide the intelligence our customers need so they can avoid surprises that damage their performance.’ More from

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