Expro Group’s broadband downhole cableless telemetry system for Ormen Lang

Norske Shell deploys duplex downhole radio system for ‘smart well’ applications.

Norske Shell has successfully deployed Expro Group’s Cableless Telemetry System (CaTS) on its Ormen Lange gas field in the Norwegian Sea. The new large-bore CaTS is used in Ormen Lange Phase II wells to provide duplex (two-way) communications between the surface and downhole devices.

CaTS uses low frequency radio that benefits from the waveguide properties of a well’s tubing or casing. CaTS transmits high-fidelity pressure and temperature information from downhole sensors. A ‘flexible’ interface opens the way for alternative sensor types in the future.

The ability to transmit commands to downhole devices is an essential component of the ‘smart well.’ Expro has several high-end use cases on its website, including sophisticated wireless flow control from multi-bore completions and downhole valves.

CaTS were installed in Ormen Lange wells A5 and B7 and successfully commissioned in October 2009. A further four systems are planned for installation during 2010/11. Expro’s wireless well guru Steve Hudson said, ‘Delivering the duplex communications capability from reservoir to beach has been the most challenging engineering project that we have performed to date.’ More from exprogroup.com.

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