AI-based fleet management tailored to Canadian market

Project aims to increase BP’s continuous emissions monitoring system’s reliability.

BorgSolutions has customized its ‘Fleet’ management solution to the Canadian market. Borg provides a telematics-enabled Software as a Service platform for asset monitoring, maintenance and repair. Fleet leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize predictive maintenance, create work orders, manage inventory and ‘even suggest parts.’ Fleet tracks vehicles in real-time, monitoring availability, fuel usage, tire rotation and more.

Borg’s AI studies asset usage patterns and parts preferences to predict when service is required up to 90-days ahead of time. Parts that require attention are flagged as action items and work orders and inventory purchases are set in motion. With time, the system ‘learns’ from an particular asset’s usage patterns and fine tunes its forecasts. Tuning the system to the Canadian market has meant adding GPS-based asset tracking to Fleet, along with multi-lingual localization. Fleet also leverages Qualcom’s GlobalTRACS equipment tracking system.

Last year, Borg signed with GulfTrak Asset Management, for Fleet distribution in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. More from

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