Brainware Distiller for Kuwait Petroleum’s European unit

Invoice processing provides ‘exceptionally high’ invoice recognition in multi-language environment.

Kuwait Petroleum’s NW EU unit ‘Q8’ has selected Brainware’s ‘Distiller’ invoice processing solution for deployment at its fuel and service stations throughout Europe. Brainware automatically extracts and validates complex header and line-item data from invoices in six European languages—Czech Dutch, English, French, German and Polish. Distiller also integrates with Q8’s existing SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and will enable Q8 to access real-time key performance indicators pertaining to suppliers and related invoices.

Johan Innegraeve, Q8’s director of finance and IT said, ‘We were achieving low rates of extraction from our prior invoice processing solution, which required manual correction and significant resources spent managing templates. A proof of concept trial demonstrated that Distiller required far less reliance on our technical staff and provided exceptionally high extractions rates right out of the box—enabling truly automated invoice processing.’

Brainware CEO Carl Mergele added, ‘By virtually eliminating manual data entry, cash cannot escape the department via missed early payment discounts and late payment penalties.’ Q8’s network consists of more than 4,000 service stations in seven countries. Other Brainware users include Anadarko, Halliburton and Shell. More from

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