BMC Software for Pemex Gas’ IT

ProactiveNet to supervise Pemex’ SAP environment for 6,000 end users.

Pemex’ Gas y Petroquímica Básica unit uses BMC Software’s ProactiveNet Performance Management to manage availability, performance and business impact of its SAP environment. Most recently Pemex Gas has extended its BMC portfolio to include Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Event and Impact Management (BEIM).

Miguel Chio, IT general manager for Pemex Gas said, ‘We’ve seen a lot of improvements in IT efficiency and effectiveness. It’s been very good for our business.’ Pemex uses the software to manage and automate changes to its IT infrastructure of more than 300 servers and 6,000 end users.

BMC sees the CMDB as marking a transition to a ‘true’ business services management platform where IT and human resources are stored in a database, tracking and verifying that changes to the system have been authorized. Tracking changes is critical to Pemex Gas’ ability to comply with its own internal IT policies as well as government regulations. More from

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