Oracle bags Silver Creek

DataLens ‘semantic’ technology now mainstream to Oracle’s data quality effort. Likely targets in upstream supply chain before wider E&P data involvement.

Oracle seems to have enjoyed its OEM partnership with Silver Creek (SC) announced last year (OITJ May 2009) and has now decided to acquire the company. Oracle’s data quality cleansing and matching server is based on SC’s DataLens technology. DataLens uses ‘patent-pending semantics*’ to enhance product data from multiple sources.

The DataLens patent application is an 18,000 word filibuster about a ‘semantic conversion system’ leveraging a ‘self-learning tool’ that translates legacy systems’ data to a ‘fully attributed and normalized data set.’ A statistical engine analyzes ‘candidate’ terms for a most likely match. Despite the ‘semantic’ moniker and the release’s reference to ‘standards,’ the patent application has no references to W3C semantic technologies.

Oracle plans to use the toolset to ‘improve data quality, consistency and usability across enterprise applications through enterprise-wide enforcement of centralized data quality and business rules.’ Oracle spokesperson Carol Sato told Oil IT Journal, ‘SC’s product data quality is applicable to oil and gas data and will compliment our MDM offering. SC offers cleansing of well data headers along with drilling, logging and production data.’ SC will also likely impact the oil and gas supply chain. More from


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