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New wireless connectivity from Computer Sciences Corp, ERF Wireless, Emerson and Proximetry.

ERF Wireless is starting to deploy mobile broadband trailers (MBT) as part of its strategy to provide broadband wireless broadband access to oil and gas drilling operations throughout North America. ERF is taking delivery of the MBTs as part of a $4.7 million order placed late last year. ERF CEO Dean Cubley said, ‘The initial shipments of approximately 30 MBTs to staging locations has expanded coverage throughout Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.


BP has deployed Emerson’s Smart Wireless technology at its Exploration unit’s Dalmeny, UK onshore terminal. Dalmeny stores up to four million barrels Forties oil field. Eight storage tanks are used to regulate flow between production wells, tankers and a pipeline to refinery. BP was concerned about possible temperature variation across these large (40m diameter tanks.) BP built on its experience with Emerson’s wireless technology monitoring wellhead annular pressure at its Wytch oilfield. Rosemount wireless temperature transmitters were installed at various locations in the tanks and on the main inlet feed. A wireless gateway on the control room fed into BP’s SCADA network. The test showed that there were no significant temperature gradients within the tank. The whole test was completed in under a day including configuring the serial link to the SCADA system. Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software is used to manage the wireless network which is now a permanent component of BP’s monitoring.


Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) has teamed with San Diego, CA-based Proximetry to offer a new ‘intelligent’ wireless services platform for the transportation and energy verticals. According to the release, aircraft, trains and buses are now ‘mobile network end-points’ and increasingly require bi-directional communication. Proximetry’s ‘AirSync’ provides a bridge between mobile end-points and the enterprise. Mary Jo Morris, president of CSC’s Technology and Consumer Group said, ‘This new service means that data and content can be distributed and collected in real time—streamlining existing processes, eliminating manual tasks, and enabling the creation of new revenue generating services.’ AirSync extends the enterprise wireless footprint to offer secure provisioning of real-time mission critical data, ‘anytime, anywhere’ across multiple wireless protocols and networks. Proximetry CEO Tracy Trent added, ‘CSC serves many of the world’s leading transportation and energy companies, and we look forward to enabling a new era of managed wireless services and solutions through this alliance.’ More from csc.com and proximetry.com.

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