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Aveva and Z+F are teaming to integrate Z+F’s 3D laser scanning technology with Aveva’s ‘intelligent’ PDMS 3D models. The joint venture is to offer high definition, photo-realistic laser images, hot-linked to plant data and accessible over the web via Aveva NET. More from

Badley Geoscience is adding a direct link to the Schlumberger’s Petrel to its TrapTester flagship and a new depth conversion tool. More from

Pegasus Vertex has released ‘Dr. DE,’ a drilling engineering toolbox with 188 functions ranging from drilling engineering fundamentals to advanced well path design and 3D wellbore. More from

Foster Findlay Associates has announced the availability of Matlab convertors to read and write .ffa formatted volume data for use with SVI Pro/SEA 3D Pro. These are available from the Matlab Central File. More from

Safe Software’s FME 2010 offers enhanced support for KML (Google Earth and Maps), Adobe PDF and OpenGIS GML. 3D formats support Autodesk, Collada and Google Sketchup. Safe also highlights its web services API that lets programmers control FME Server with HTTP requests and responses. More from

Process Systems Enterprise has announced an ‘exclusive’ agreement with Imperial College London to bundle the SAFT-VR thermodynamic engine with its gPROMS advanced process modeling software. SAFT uses physically-realistic models of molecules and their interactions to predict thermodynamic properties over a range of operating conditions. More from

KSS Inc. has rolled out RackPrice SaaS, a hosted version of its fuel price management software for wholesalers. RackPrice SaaS includes integration with OPIS, Platts and DTN price data sources. More from

Meridium has announced Meridium Hazards Analysis (MHA) for conducting hazards and operability studies and ‘what-if’ analyses. MHA integrates with mechanical integrity, safety integrity level assessments and asset criticality analyses. More from

RedTree Development and Virtual Materials Group have released ‘A little process helper’ (Alph), a process calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Alph uses the same thermodynamic and physical properties calculation engine as VMG’s process simulator VMGSim. A free ‘Alph Jr.’ version is available with limited functionality. More from

Peoples Gas, Florida’s largest natural gas distribution company, has a web site optimized for iPhones, Blackberries and other smartphones. The site provides customer service phone numbers, numbers for locating and marking underground gas lines, gas system safety information and a link to online bill payment. More from

Ryder Scott has released V 5.0 of its Reservoir Solutions application, now compatible with Excel 2007. All 10 apps are available as a single download. More from

Siemens has announced a remote data manager, Sitrans RD500, integrating web access, alarm event handling and data capture for process instrumentation. Flow, level, pressure, temperature and other variables can be monitor from anywhere using a standard web browser by computer, PDA or smart phone. More from

SmartSignal has released SmartSignal Shield, predictive-diagnostic software for users in the power and oil and gas verticals. Shield leverages a database of ‘hundreds of millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of failures’ to identify faults in the context of different operating conditions. More from

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