FirmSoft rolls out SenEx history match helper app

Sponsors sought for further development of ‘analytical’ sensitivity explorer.

A new ‘rapid history matching’ tool was unveiled this month in Calgary at a Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada–hosted meeting. With backing from Cenovus and Fekete Associates, FirmSoft Technologies presented SenEx-1, its new solution for rapid history matching of reservoir fluid flow models and production data.

SenEx (for sensitivity explorer) uses an undisclosed ‘analytical approach’ to extract parameter sensitivities from a single simulation run. SenEx claims a rapid, high quality, well-by-well match and grid-block level parameter extraction. SenEx has been successfully applied on nine real-world projects, some with hundreds of thousands of active grid blocks, over 100 wells and decades of production history.

FirmSoft is now seeking sponsors for ‘SenEx-2,’ a JIP that seeks to add extensions for advanced simulation options such as DPDP, coal-bed methane, parallel/GPU computing and neural networks for history match automation. Early adopters of FirmSoft’s tools include EnCana, Barrick and engineers Feteke and Sproule. More from

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