GeoBrowse 4 takes E&P workflow to the ‘cloud’

Geotrace Data Integration Services adds Amazon/Eucalyptus cloud option and new ArcGIS front end.

Geotrace’s Data Integration Services unit (a.k.a. Tigress) has announced GeoBrowse 4.0, a major update to its map-based E&P data browser. The new release includes an optional ArcGIS front end (legacy GeoBrowse is MapObjects based), data links to several new interpretation systems and a new deployment model that separates front and back office functions for enhanced IT integration. A secure ‘cloud’ implementation is also now available leveraging either Amazon’s EC2 or an enterprise private cloud based on the open source cloud solution from Eucalyptus Systems.

GeoBrowse 4 also makes extensive use of saved sessions and macros to automate data loading workflows with templates for (e.g.) daily production data. Tigress general manager Stephen Shorey told Oil IT Journal, ‘Usability and integration with existing systems may be old sentiments but they remain key to our philosophy. Users don’t want to replace existing data repositories. We offer support and customization services to improve data usability and security. And a solution for specialist and non-specialists alike – one that works as an exploration aid rather than just another work flow tool.’ More from

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