Ten years total face time for www.oilit.com visitors in 2010!

Editor Neil McNaughton reports on a successful year for Oil IT Journal and its website oilit.com which saw nearly half a million ‘visitors’ spend an average of ten minutes on the site. News from publisher The Data Room on changes in the Technology Watch service. And a big thanks to our sponsors.

Late again! It smarts to be producing a 2010 issue in the early days of 2011. At least I am not writing about the previous millennium as I am sure I did in 2000. In our defense I would point out that after 16 years of publishing, a week late isn’t too bad. Also as a rather literal person, I feel there is an argument to be made for a ‘December’ issue relating what happened in December. Although this approach is clearly not taken by many magazines that already have their February or even March issues on the news stands!


2010 website stats for www.oilit.com

Publishing late does give me the opportunity of providing definitive stats for the www.oilit.com website for the past year (see above). The stats are provided by our ISP’s Urchin 5 monitor and are raw, unaudited numbers. They include visits from robots as well as real people. But taking them at face value, we had nearly half a million visitors in the year for just over three million hits. But the stat I find most gratifying is the 10 minute average length of session. Taken literally, that means that a total of 5 million minutes were spent on the site. Humanity, including its robot forms, spent collectively nearly ten years reading Oil IT Journal online during 2010!


As many of you know, Oil IT Journal’s publisher, The Data Room, has been producing Technology Watch reports from major tradeshows and conferences for the last decade or so. We have elected to discontinue the Technology Watch service in its present form as of year end 2010. Oil IT Journal and its successful www.oilit.com companion website are unaffected by the change. As indeed are our conference attendances. We have a full program planned for 2011 and will be bringing you our usual concise reports from all the major events. In fact we are planning to re-invent the Technology Watch report service later this year with a slimmed-down, more ‘sustainable’ edition highlighting major happenings and technology. If you would like to receive more on this service which will re-launch mid year, please send an email to tw@oilit.com.


Looking over the website with a degree of self-satisfaction made me realize that we omitted to thank our 2010/2011 sponsors this year. They are as follows…

Exprodat Consulting

geoLOGIC Systems





OFS Portal






Belated thanks to these great companies who have demonstrated their commitment to the oil and gas software business with a generous contribution to our running costs, helping to keep the million-plus word public domain archive on stream and make that 10 minutes average reading time worthwhile. More from www.oilit.com.

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