Aveva rolls-out Microsoft Windows Communications Foundation

Global engineering workflows enabled by secure exchange of engineering data.

Engineering design and information management specialist Aveva is to offer its clients the choice of Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) as a component of its Aveva Global workshare and collaboration environment. WCF will be leveraged to enable global interaction between partners, suppliers and contractors. The Foundation is claimed to improve project manageability, reduce cost and risk and shorten timescales.

The WCF protocol provides a secure platform data exchange and can be configured to a client’s individual security requirements. WCF provides security options such as authentication, encryption and a selection of suitable transport mechanisms to assure project information is shared securely.

Aveva’s Thierry Vermeersch said, ‘Effective collaboration is dependent on keeping the system agile, by transmitting only changes rather than full datasets. This mandates an equally agile security strategy, that is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the customers’ evolving environments. We have listened to our customers and included the flexible security of WCF into Aveva Global.’ More from www.aveva.com and www.microsoft.com.

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