Digital Rock

Shell signs multiyear R&D agreement with Schlumberger targeting reservoir monitoring for EOR and pore-scale clastics modeling.

Shell has signed an R&D cooperation deal with Schlumberger covering two research projects investigating reservoir surveillance for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects and a ‘digital rock’ (DR) project covering fine grain numerical modeling of the pore space. Gerald Schotman, Royal Dutch Shell CTO described the ‘multiyear’ agreement as marking ‘another step in our technology strategy of delivering energy solutions through open innovation. The cooperation will enable us to continuously improve recovery factors and at the same time lowering unit costs.’
The deal will see Schlumberger’s formation evaluation and reservoir characterization know-how combined with Shell’s subsurface laboratory and reservoir expertise. The game plan is to develop new tools for field data acquisition, better numerical models and ‘enhanced field development methods.’ DR targets pore scale investigations of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, building on recent developments in scanning technology, fluid dynamics, modeling, and high-performance computing. The research will be conducted in the US, UK, Russia, Oman and the Netherlands. More from

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