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HARC on low impact drilling. Object Reservoir on Marcellus shale JIP.

The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) is seeking participants in an initiative to promote technologies for ‘low-impact’ oil and gas drilling. The environmentally friendly drilling (EFD) systems scorecard sets out to minimize the impact of drilling in sensitive areas.

EFD program manager Rich Haut said, ‘The goal is a common methodology that can be used across the USA to document the environmental and societal tradeoffs associated with energy development. Land owners, regulators and the general public can use the scorecard to objectively assess operators’ performance. Operators can compare their own operations with industry best practices.’ More from

Object Reservoir reports that Chesapeake, Southwestern, Seneca and Talisman have joined its Marcellus Shale joint industry project, bringing the number of partners to ten. The JIP sets out to establish best practices for shale well spacing and stimulation and remains open to new members for a limited time. More from

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