Energistics 2010 Member Meet, Houston

ProdML moves towards EnergyML convergence with SAM and GDA. ResqML V1.0 nears release.

Energistics’ 2010 Annual Member Meeting was held in Houston last month. President & CEO Randy Clark kicked-off the proceedings noting the addition of 20 new member companies including new members in China, Russia and Indonesia. Energistics’ standards effort revolves around the trinity of Witsml, Prodml and the emerging Resqml standards for, respectively, drilling, production and reservoir description. Reporting from a Witsml meet held earlier in the month, Jerry Hubbard noted the extension of the standard to include a ‘StimJob’ object for fracturing reporting, a new error model object and ‘tightened’ schemas for better interoperability.

Prodml V2.1 is scheduled for release during Q2 2011 and includes extensions for wireline formation testing, facility reporting and better documentation. Prodml is being adapted to comply with the new ‘Energyml’ standard, an overarching protocol that is set to subsume all Energistics modeling efforts.

Also new is the Prodml shared asset model (SAM), designed to help maintain a hierarchical organization of assets spanning different geographies, organizations and operations. SAM will provide a cross reference of asset identifiers and a directory of services to retrieve XML data objects via the Generic Data Access (GDA) protocol, one of the first Energyml components that provides a single ‘CRUD1’-style service for all data types. Implemented in Prodml, GDA supports all Witsml and Resqml documents.

Energyml is both an installable XML object and a specification for ‘supportability and interoperability’.

Energyml will be leveraged across all Energistics schemas, services and technical architectures. Energyml is scheduled for release in February 2011. A possible migration from Energistics current Soap to ‘Restful’ bindings is under evaluation.

Resqml V1.0 is on track for a publication date around year end 2010 and will include most functionality of the older Rescue standard. These include handling of large data models through the hierarchical data format (HDF5), traceability and georeferencing.

For 2011 Energistics is to expand its website and collaboration centre and plans to work with members and standards organizations to ‘identify synergies and potential avenues for collaboration.’ More from www.energistics.org.

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