UKOGL goes live

Lynx rolls out online access to UK geophysical dataset. Download nav data and JPEG seismic lines.

Lynx Information Systems, custodian of much the UK’s onshore oil and gas data has announced ‘UKOGL Live,’ a new web map interface to the UK Onshore Geophysical Library. UKOGL Live provides access to a ‘plethora’ of data, including license block information, 3D survey outlines and onshore fields. The database allows map or text based search for navigation data for onshore seismics with click though access to high resolution ‘free-to-view’ images of the SEG-Y data.

Users can view well locations and access intersected formation top depths in downloadable PDF format. Regional seismic profiles are also available as downloadable JPEG images. Lynx used the ArcGIS JavaScript API to access the data held in ArcGIS Server. More from

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