Invensys’ Eyesim 3D simulator for ENI

Eyesim first principle simulator and virtual reality used to train and test refinery operators.

Invensys Operations Management reports deployment of its virtual reality (VR) training system at Eni’s refining and marketing unit. Eni’s refining know-how has been incorporated into Invensys’ ‘Eyesim’ 3D simulator to improve operator safety and productivity. Eyesim ‘kiosks’ are to pilot in Eni’s Gela refinery on the Southern coast of Sicily before deployment in other facilities world wide.

Eyesim uses a stereoscopic headset to immerse trainees in a virtual plant, rendered at 60 frames per second. Trainees learn process operations and procedures from an interactive tutorial and the system tracks performance. Eyesim leverages first-principle simulation and augmented reality in an environment that applies ‘gaming and other skill sets familiar to younger employees.’ The system also covers computer-based maintenance and document management. More from

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