Verdande ‘DrillEdge’ case based reasoning for Shell

Artificial intelligence spots drilling problems before they happen.

Following extensive calibration on its world wide drilling history dataset, Shell Upstream Americas is to use Verdande Technology’s ‘DrillEdge’ case based reasoning tool to predict and identify drilling problems in difficult Middle East wells. Eric van Oort, Wells Performance Improvement Manager at Shell, said, ‘Testing with DrillEdge produced compelling results and demonstrated that unscheduled events don’t happen without warning. There are predictable and repeatable signs that occur hours or even day ahead of an event. DrillEdge recognizes these symptoms allowing corrective action to be taken.’

Verdande CEO Lars Olrik added, ‘Calibration was done on wells with twist-off, lost circulation, stick-slip and stuck pipe problems drilled in the Middle East, Russia, the US and the North Sea. The datasets were blind tested and cross-validated by region and problem area.’ Development is continuing with additional datasets to extend diagnostics. Shell plans to deploy DrillEdge technology through their network of Real-Time Operating Centers that provide 24/7 monitoring for high visibility and challenging wells worldwide. Verdande is a spin-out of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. More from

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