EnergySys reserves management in the cloud

Hosted production management and compliance application frees-up in house IT resources.

UK-based EnergySys is offering a ‘cloud’ based service for reserves management and reporting. EnergySys Reserves Management (ERM) provides information on reserves classification and value, and decision support for evaluating multiple opportunities. ERM lets users study the impact of oil and gas prices, new drilling viability and potential acquisitions. The system can be up and running ‘in days or weeks.’

The ‘cloud’-based offering (a.k.a. a hosted application) caters to companies with limited IT skill availability. EnergySys MD Peter Black explained, ‘We want to help our customers with the key business planning and audit requirements associated with Reserves Management. This tool is easy to use, always accessible and secure. It will be at the heart of strategic planning for oil companies giving them a clear, efficient route to assessing multiple business scenarios.’

ERM provides audit trails with automatic tracking of changes, including details of what was changed, when and by whom. It is specifically designed to simplify operational processes and ensure compliance with the SPE’s ‘Standards Pertaining to the Estimating and Auditing of Oil and Gas Reserves Information.’ ERM can access live data pulled from multiple sources. More from

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