Avocet for CBM specialists Ember Resources, Origin Energy

Schlumberger’s Avocet cannibalizes Quorum Volume Management shop.

Ember Resources, operator of a coal bed methane (CBM) exploration program in Alberta’s Horseshoe Canyon trend, has selected Schlumberger’s Avocet Volumes Manager (AVM) solution for gas reporting and compliance. Previously, Ember’s engineers stored data in Excel spreadsheets in parallel with an underused operations data management system*.

Ember production engineer Simon Rivard said, ‘AVM allows us to stick with our own specialized workflow and store data properly in an Oracle database. Since we determine how our software works, we can accommodate evolving processes.’

Revised Alberta regulations have lightened the reporting burden for operating wells with no heat value change in the last three years. Ember used AVM to indentify 250 such wells, cancelled the tests and saved CDN $ 25,000 in yearly operating costs.

Avocet was used in another CBM context by Origin Oil to streamline production data workflows in the Spring Gully coal seam gas field. A paper** presented at the SPE Asia Pacific conference in Brisbane last month described how Avocet has ‘consolidated scattered data sources into a unified repository for reporting and analysis.’ The paper describes a ‘stalwart’ stream of data generated by the thousands of wells that typify a CBM development.

* Actually Quorum Volume Management, acquired by Schlumberger in 2006 (OITJ June 2006).

** www.oilit.com/links/1011_2

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